Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

There's Something For Everyone

Tennessee Wesleyan's location in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains provides the perfect opportunity for students to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it's rafting, hiking, camping, or a trip to our very own Kilbride Nature Sanctuary, come see all that TWU, and east Tennessee, have to offer.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment & Inventory

Any questions you might have, please contact Laiel Upton.


Items                                             Amount
Backpacks – 50L                      5
Backpacks – 40L.                    5
Other Packs                               2
Sleep Pads                                  10
Sleeping Bags                           10
Tents                                            5
Backpacking Stove                 6
Camping Stove                        4
Hammocks/Straps                10 (2 straps per)
Trekking Poles                        10 (2 per set)
Cutlery                                       10 Fork, Knife, Spoon
Cooksets                                     5


Items                               Amount
Kayaks                            10
Paddles                           11
Lifejackets                     14
Trailer                             1


Items                              Amount
Bikes                               10
Helmets                         10
Pump                               1


Items                                                             Amount
First Aid Kits                                            12
Tarps                                                            5
Emergency Ponchos                            10
Coleman Camp Stools                        5
Coleman Stadiums Seats                  5
Head Lamps                                             8 
Dry Bag Set                                               5 (sets of 3 bags)

Outdoor Recreation Rental Items 

Rental Equipment Pricing

All equipment available to rent can be found in the inventory above. You may rent as much equipment as you will need. The prices can be adjusted depending on how much equipment you rent. The below prices are for renting all the equipment available. You may contact Laiel Upton if you have any questions.

The price to rent all backpacking/camping equipment will be $15. 

The price to rent all kayaking equipment will be $20.

The price to rent all biking equipment will be $5.

The price to rent miscellaneous equipment will be $2 each, but the equipment may be/can be included with other rental packages. 

TWU prepares students with the transformative experience and to be well-rounded leaders who make a positive impact on the world.

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