Welcome to your home away from home!

Your education goes beyond the walls of the classroom. Through the people you meet, the friendships you build and even the food you eat – you’re building community.  This community will help you learn, grow and develop your skills and passions. This group will become a support group that you will have for the rest of your life. By living on campus, you will experience TWU in a unique and rewarding way. Explore where you’ll be living, who you’ll be living with and the activities you’ll be involved in during the next four years!

Our five halls house more than 350 students each year. Students who live on campus benefit from meal plans, evening activities, weekend adventures through our Student Activities Board, and a multitude of NAIA athletic events throughout the year.  Ready to move in? To secure your room, submit your housing deposit and contact your admissions counselor for the application!

Nocatula Apartments

Nocatula Apartments is a 32 bed, co-ed, apartment-style residence hall. The building has eight apartments. Each apartment has four single occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a common living room. The building has wi-fi and a laundry room, which is free for residents to use.

Miller Hall

Miller Hall, is a co-ed apartment-style residence hall reserved for upperclassmen, attached to our dental hygiene program building. Located directly across from the entrance to TWU, each apartment in Miller Hall is unique in shape and size and is fully furnished. The building has a full kitchen, free laundry, wifi, and parking.

Keith Hall

Keith Hall is an all-female, 150 bed suite-style residence hall where most freshmen women live. Each suite has two bedrooms and a bathroom, shared by up to four women. Keith has three floors, with a resident assistant and lounge area on each floor. The building also has vending machines and free laundry facilities for residents. Each room has wireless internet and phone access. 

Fowler Hall

Fowler Hall is an all-male, 128 bed traditional style residence hall, with three floors of double-occupancy rooms. Each floor has two community bathrooms, and each bedroom has an in-room sink and mirror. Fowler has three lounge areas, each with its own wi-fi, and laundry facilities for its residents. Most residents of Fowler Hall are freshmen men.

Wesley Commons

Wesley Commons is a 102 bed, co-ed apartment-style residence hall. It’s one of the newest residence halls at twu with many modern features. Each apartment has four single occupancy bedrooms and two bathrooms connected by a living area and kitchenette with full size refrigerator, sink, and cupboards. The building has free wi-fi and free laundry rooms on each floor. For a more communal-style experience, the second floor has a community kitchen with a refrigerator, stove/oven, and a sink. 

Video Tour

Take a video tour of our Residence Halls with our actual student residents as your guides.