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Opportunities to study abroad provide experiences for students to grow academically and personally. Immersing their lives into other cultures while gaining course credit helps to develop critical skills that employers are looking for. At Tennessee Wesleyan, these cross-cultural educational experiences come in several forms.

Study Abroad Opportunities: Students live in another country and take classes there for a full term or a year. These offer full immersion in the host university and in the culture of the host country.

We are affiliated with ISEP, CCIS, CCSA, CC-CS, and Chez Vous Summer. These programs offer credit-bearing courses, and students’ grades are transferred back to TWU. Nagasaki Wesleyan’s Japanese Language Program is a shared program: students are evaluated based on their work in Japan, but other pre- and post-course work is dealt with by a TWU instructor. The credit (3-6 hours, JPN 299 Study Abroad in Japanese) is offered by TWU, and a TWU instructor submits the final grade upon completion of the work

Travel Study Programs: Students gain credit in courses offered by TWU faculty on faculty-led trips.

These programs combine travel and coursework in any discipline. The associated coursework may take place on campus before leaving, after returning, and/or during the trip itself. TWU instructors and their chairs monitor the content of and credit for these courses.

Excursions: Travel in and of itself is a learning experience. TWU faculty may lead trips and tours without offering a for-credit course.


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