Where To Live

Where To Live

Living on Campus

Your success is important to us. That's why we've created an entire team dedicated just to make sure you thrive while at TWU. Your success team is ready to help you make the transition to college and beyond.

Here, you’ll experience  independence within the safe community atmosphere of campus. You can easily study or relax, spend time in the community lounges with your other students, participate in residence hall activities or hang out in Colloms Campus Center.

You are required to live on campus unless you meet the following criteria:

– You are a resident in the home of your parent or legal guardian who lives within the commuting area (25 miles). Parent/legal guardian must provide copy of driver’s license with local address and letter verifying that you will be living at home during  the school year. 
– You are married.
– You have custody of a child.
– You are a military veteran eligible for benefits under Public Law 358, G.I. bill effective 6/’66. 
– You are an independent student as defined by financial aid criteria. 
– You are enrolled in your senior year and have an approved schedule, which, if successfully completed, will make you eligible for graduation within the academic year. You must have completed an intent to graduate form with the Registrar’s Office for consideration. 
– You are enrolled for less than 12 semester hours for the next semester. (You may not add hours after registration without being required to live on campus.)

International students requesting off-campus status should note the following:

– You must have lived on campus for at least on academic year. 
– You must be enrolled in your senior year and complete the requirements above. 
– If granted an exemption, you must immediately provide your new address to the Registrar’s Office

Keith Hall (Traditionally All Female)

keith hallKeith Hall is an all-female, 150 bed suite-style residence hall. Each suite has two bedrooms and a bathroom, shared by four women. Keith has three floors, with a resident assistant and lounge area on each floor. The building also has vending machines and free laundry facilities for residents. Each room has cable television access, wireless Internet and phone access. This is where most freshmen women live. Download Floorplan

Fowler Hall (All Male)

Fowler HallFowler Hall is an all-male, 128 bed traditional style residence hall, with three floors of double-occupancy rooms. Each floor has two community bathrooms, and each bedroom has an in-room sink and mirror. Fowler has three lounge areas for students, as well as free laundry facilities residents. All rooms have cable television, wireless Internet, and phone access. The bulk of the population is Freshman men. Download Floorplan

Wesley Commons (Co-Ed)

Wesley CommonsWesley Commons is a co-ed 102 bed, apartment-style residence hall. Each apartment has four single occupancy bedrooms and two bathrooms connected by a living area and kitchenette (full size refrigerator, sink, and cupboards). Each room has cable television and phone access, and the entire building features wireless Internet. Free laundry rooms are on each floor, and the second floor has a community kitchen with a refrigerator, stove/oven, and a sink. Download Floorplan

Nocatula Apartment (Co-Ed)

Nocatula ApartmentNocatula Apartments is a 32 bed, co-ed, apartment-style residence hall. The building has eight apartments. Each apartment has four single occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a common living room. The apartments are furnished, and each bedroom has cable television, wireless Internet and phone access, along with cable television in the living room. The building has a laundry room, which is free for residents to use. Download Floorplan

Miller Hall (Co-Ed)

Miller hallMiller Hall is a co-ed apartment-style residence hall reserved for upperclassman. Attached to our Dental Hygiene Program building, each apartment in Miller Hall is unique in shape and size and is fully furnished with a full kitchen; the building has free laundry, wifi, cable TV. 

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