University Leadership

president tyler forrest

A Message from President Tyler Forrest

Tennessee Wesleyan University has been dedicated to educating students and helping them live meaningful lives for over 160 years. The TWU team works diligently to ensure that our students have an excellent experience while part of the campus community and for alumni and friends to stay connected throughout their lives. Campus life is exciting and offers many things to do both on and off campus. In addition, the campus boasts some of the best NAIA Athletic programs around, which create a wonderful campus atmosphere for both our students and our community. Our 40-acre campus is in the heart of downtown Athens, Tennessee. As a native Athenian, I can personally attest that Athens is a terrific place to live, work, play, and ultimately, receive a first-rate education from TWU. The University also maintains a robust campus in Knoxville that is home to our allied health programs. For those wanting to live in a small town but have access to the amenities of a big city, Athens is conveniently located halfway between Chattanooga and Knoxville. TWU is an integral part of the community and enjoys a close bond with Athens and the greater region as well. The future of TWU is bright. With attentiveness to student success and academic excellence, I am convinced that our university is one of the best in the nation. I would encourage prospective students, their families, or anyone interested in experiencing TWU, to come visit the campus. I can attest, interacting with the TWU team will be both an enjoyable and memorable time. I am proud to be the president of Tennessee Wesleyan University and am committed to serving the fabulous campus community and beyond. Sincerely, Tyler Forrest TWU President