Executive Master of Science in Business Analytics

Executive Master of Science in Business Analytics

Executive Master of Science in Business Analytics in a Low Residency Hybrid Format

Business analytics is an interdisciplinary field focused on extracting knowledge from large data sets and applying the knowledge to provide insight in a wide variety of disciplines. The TWU Executive Master of Science in Business Analytics provides Day 1 CPT​ for international students wishing to pursue a degree.

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Program Description

Business analytics is composed of formatting data for analysis, determining the algorithm used for the analysis, processing the data, creating a plan of action based on the analysis, and presenting the results in an easy to understand format. Business analytics integrates skills from statistics, information technology, business, mathematics, information science, information visualization, data integration, graphic design, and communication.

The Executive Master of Science in Business Analytics (EMSBA) offers two (2) concentrations: Information Technology and Marketing. To learn more give us a call today at 423-746-3100.

What is the course structure at TWU?

Full term: 15 weeks long. Residency courses and the Applied Learning Practicum are part of the FULL TERM.
Concentration courses for all programs will be 100% online and last for 7.5 weeks. These courses may be in Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, or Summer 2, depending on the program.

Is there a payment option?

You will want to set up a payment plan at the beginning of each semester. Payment plans are processed by the campus Office of Student Accounts. If you have questions regarding payment plans, tuition balance, or payments please contact studentaccounts@tnwesleyan.edu.

You can also access your balance and make payments by logging intomyPortal. 

What are the basics of the F-1 student visa?

You must be full-time (12 credit hours for undergraduate students/6 credit hours for graduate students) each semester.  If you have questions regarding enrollment requirements, please contact the Office of Executive Programs at execgrad@tnwesleyan.edu.

Your I-20 houses a great deal of information.  If you change your local address, change your academic program or change your employer (if you are in CPT or OPT) you must notify the Office of Executive Programs at execgrad@tnwesleyan.edu. to have your I-20 updated. 

What is the residency attendance policy?

Attendance at each Executive Residency class session is mandatory. Students may make up no more than one (1) residency session throughout the duration of their academic program. Missing a second residency will result in the student being dismissed from the University.  A missed session will result in the student attending a make-up session and paying a $300 Residency Make-Up fee. 

In addition, the student may be asked for documentation from the program department providing an explanation as to why the scheduled residency session was missed. Make-Up sessions must be completed prior to the end of the term. Noncompliance with this policy will result in dismissal from the executive program. For more information contact the Office of Executive Programs at execgrad@tnwesleyan.edu.

Are other Executive format programs offered?

Yes, Tennessee Wesleyan offers the following low-residency, executive format programs that often appeal to international students, especially those seeking Day 1 CPT:

TWU prepares students with the transformative experience and to be well-rounded leaders who make a positive impact on the world.

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