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Physical Education

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You love being active and want to teach future generations the importance of taking care of their physical health.

Maybe you want to teach or coach, physical education is the route for you.


Program Description

The physical education major at Tennessee Wesleyan serves those seeking to teach and/or coach at the elementary and secondary levels. Students can take a non-licensure track, but most major in physical education to be licensed to teach in grades K-12. These students must also complete 38 additional hours of professional education course work.


Physical education is an active program, with students learning both in the classroom setting with peers, as well as within the local school system. Lesson plans are an important element of physical education, applying the lessons and standards to specific practice.


Career Opportunities



Recreational Career

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A study of fundamental anatomical, mechanical, and neuromuscular principles as they apply to human movement.

Activities for Children

The knowledge of rules, equipment, safety, physical skills, and attitudes of fair play in fitness, rhythm movement, gymnastics, games, and sports appropriate to the developmental level of children 5-14 years of age.

Adaptive Physical Education and Recreation

Designed to provide a basic understanding of handicapping conditions including perceptual and motor development while including evaluation, placement, and programming for physical education and recreation.


State-Recognized Partnerships

Tennessee Wesleyan University’s Educator Preparation Program (EPP) holds partnership agreements with the following districts.
Anderson County Schools
Athens City Schools
Bradley County Schools
Cleveland City Schools
Etowah City Schools
Johnson County Schools
Lenoir City Schools
Loudon County Schools
McMinn County Schools
Meigs County Schools
Metro Nashville Schools
Monroe County Schools
Oak Ridge Schools
Polk County Schools
Sequatchie County Schools
Sweetwater City School District
Warren County Schools
Williamson County Schools
Questions about State Recognized Partnership Agreements may be directed to:

Melanie Amburn, Ed.S.