Spiritual Life


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Expand Your Worldview

Convocations and Chapel offered every week. 


As a student at TWU, you will find yourself in a new environment meant to help you develop holistically. You'll do that in the classroom, through building community and through convocations or chapel services. 


The Office of Student Involvement creates programs for students to expand your worldview. Through convocations, you'll hear from speakers who discuss diversity and inclusion, arts and culture, faculty research, career and personal development and community engagement. These are every Tuesday at 11 a.m.


Chapel services are planned and produced by students under the direction of Chaplain Skip White. Skip is also the lead pastor at our neighboring church, Trinity United Methodist Church. This time of worship, also counted towards convocation credit, will fill your spiritual cup through music and the Word. 


Check out one of our recent Convocation events, with special guest Rod Cate: