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Ongoing Study Abroad Opportunities

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Ongoing Opportunities


Summer 2022—Pandemic permitting! Applications are open for on site programs.



Who hasn’t dreamed of embarking on one’s own odyssey to the white beaches, the rocky coasts, and the wine-dark sea made famous in Homer’s Odyssey? Who hasn’t been fascinated by the mythology and the history of the ancient Greeks or astounded by their influence on Western art, culture, science, mathematics, medicine, and law? Dr. Elizabeth Ruleman, Professor of English, and Dr. Sharon Brown, Professor of Math, are trip leaders for a travel opportunity entitled “Intercultural Studies in Greece.” Starting in Athens (Greece, not Tennessee!), travelers will tour the Acropolis, visit the Olympic Stadium, and explore the modern city as well as nearby Cape Sounion. After a day-long cruise to the Saronic Islands, travelers will have guided tours of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, and Delphi. Course credit in literature or math will be available for those who want it. Travelers will fly from Atlanta on May 10 and return on May 18, with prices ranging from $3335 to $3615. See more about the trip.



How fascinating to be able to view three great European cities through the lens of the Black History! Ms. Delunda Maddux, Director of Career Development and Multicultural Affairs, will lead a trip entitled “The Black Experience: London, Paris, Amsterdam.” Designed to provide insight to the African diaspora, this program offers facilitated discussions and guided learning; topics such as change and continuity will prompt new and engaging perspectives while inviting critical thinking about the evolution of these communities, their complex pasts, and their vibrant presents. Travelers will fly from Chattanooga on May 9 and return on May 20, with prices ranging from $4251 to $4571. See more about the trip.


*For EF trips, including the two May 2022 trips above: follow the link, enroll for $95, set up a payment plan, and start planning for travel. Thanks to EF’s Peace of Mind and COVID-19 programs, you can rest assured that, if plans change because of unforeseen circumstances, your investment is protected.



Continuing the Study Abroad Costa Rica tradition, Dr. Ana Barrios will lead students of Spanish in this wonderful cultural and linguistic experience in June of 2022. Students will have the opportunity to earn academic credits while enjoying the natural wonders of Costa Rica and exploring rainforest and cloud forest with their rich vegetation and wildlife. The excursions include visiting museums to learn the history of the country and experience life like the Costa Ricans do in the plazas, markets, churches, and the streets of San José and other main cities.  

Prerequisite: Intermediate Spanish

3 Undergraduate Credit Hours

For more information, email


Designed for students who plan to work or study in any of the healthcare-related fields or any of the social or behavioral sciences requiring interaction with people, this class explores the similarities and differences between the British and American health care systems. Visits to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, doctor's offices, and inpatient and outpatient therapy clinics (where permitted) will provide a deep understanding of how the British health care system works. Interviews with residents of London and visits to various historical sites will provide an appreciation for the social and cultural context that influences British healthcare and wellness-related practices; and which helps explain what sets them apart from America’s healthcare system. The trip will be led by Dr. Robert Mullaney. Find more on the London Mid-Summer CCSA webpage.

COLLEGE CONSORTIUM FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (CCIS) makes innovative and exciting programs accessible by offering over 90 programs worldwide. See


INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMS (ISEP) provides various types of programs at over 100 study sites worldwide. Virtual internships are available too. See


CENTER FOR CROSS-CULTURAL STUDIES (CC-CS) offers Spanish-language learning experiences in Spain, Argentina, Cuba, and Puerto Rico as well as courses in English. See


COOPERATIVE CENTER FOR STUDY ABROAD (CCSA) offers courses to students in primarily English-speaking countries around the world. Contact Dr. Mullaney ( about no-risk refundable options.  


SUMMER STUDY IN FRANCE THROUGH THE CHEZ VOUS PROGRAM, depending on the study track, students gain 6-18 hours of French credit. Students must have completed French 102 or higher in order to participate. Contact


TWU’S RECIPROCAL AGREEMENT WITH NAGASAKI WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY offers a transfer semester or year at our sister institution. Pay TWU’s tuition, but study in Isahaya, Japan. Contact Dr. Ruleman at or