Sport Management

Sport Management

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You love sports, and you want to help others share in that love.

Whether it is managing professional and semi-pro programs, college, or youth and community sports, the Sport Management degree at Tennessee Wesleyan will give you the tools to make an impact on and off the field or court.


Program Description

The sport management major combines sport management courses with business administration courses to prepare graduates to manage sports, sports facilities, sports organizations and other sport and recreational programming in various settings.


Sport management majors are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge in many areas in sport legal issues, marketing strategies, administration responsibilities, the history behind the scenes of sport and the past and current trends in the sport industry.


Career Opportunities

Want a fast-paced, exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding career? Look no further than the sports industry. With a variety of levels and needs, opportunities abound with a Sport Management degree. Whether Marketing, Administration, Communication, Facilities, Recreation, the list goes on, you will be prepared to for a career in sports.


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History of Sport

Examining the historic roots of sports and sport management and its evolution into the present-day business behind sports and sports activities, including amateur and professional competitions and recreational activities.

Sports Marketing

This course is designed to cover: using sports to market other products, marketing of sports products, community relationships, traditional sponsorship, endorsement, licensing, and venue naming rights, marketing of professional and amateur sports, marketing of participation-oriented sports, and the selling of sporting goods and apparel.

Sports Administration

A comprehensive study of the role of physical education in education; administrative and organizational problems in physical education, athletics, and intramurals, including supervision, budgeting, facilities and equipment, and safety. Students will organize and sponsor a 5K race.