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You have a passion and skill in music, and want to commit your career to that passion.

You know music is essential to life and want to create music that brings life and makes an impact.


Program Description

Students majoring in music at Tennessee Wesleyan have extensive training and opportunities to both develop their musical craft, and prepare to use that music in their career.


Music majors study voice or keyboard instruments, and combine those studies with music theory and music history to shape their understanding of music and theory. Combine classroom experience with multiple hands-on experiences such as concert choir, TWU chorale, chamber ensemble, TWU band, and more, for a focused, yet well-rounded music degree.


Music education majors will concentrate on studying music in the context of classroom settings through specific tailored content as applied to current education standards, working toward K-12 certification.


Career Opportunities




Music Teacher (K-12)

Vocal coach

Private piano instructor

Church Musician

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Vox Humana

Open to all qualified students in the College on the approval of the instructor. Ensembles could be composed of various voice, keyboard, guitar, or orchestral instrument groups.

Music in the Church

A study of the philosophy and objectives of the church music program. Topics will include personnel involved in the program, the music budget, the music library, the rehearsal room, instrumental music, and acoustics.

The Creative Process in Art and Music

A study to develop an appreciation for and understanding of the creative process in art and music. The emphasis is on expressing ideas through the use of art and music, relating the arts to each other and other subjects, and involvement in the creative process.