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Are you good with numbers? And beyond that, do you want to use that skill to solve everyday problems, or teach the next generation?

Mathematics is a vital field with many career opportunities waiting to be filled by someone with your knowledge! Math majors are also able to include secondary education, creating a path to teacher licensure and high demand math teaching positions.


Program Description

The purpose of the department of mathematics is to provide an understanding of and training in the use of mathematics as a language to facilitate reasoning and to aid the communication of ideas. While mathematics is the foundational knowledge of many professions it also provides valuable life skills that allow us to problem solve every day.


Career Opportunities

Mathematics provides a variety of opportunities, including education, insurance sales, wealth management, engineering, and graduate school.

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Numerical Analysis

This course is designed to continue the study of calculus and analysis. The topics covered will have more of a theoretical approach than some of the same topics discussed in more elementary mathematics. Proof is emphasized. 

Linear Algebra

This course includes the study of systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vector spaces and eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Ordinary Differential Equations

A study of ordinary differential equations and their solutions. A number of methods used to solve such equations will be studied. Practical problems in physics, engineering, biology, economics, sociology, and chemistry are solved. This course will help the student integrate calculus, analytic geometry, algebra, and trigonometry.