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TWU Is Excited to Announce the New Executive Master of Business Administration



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This new EMBA blends professional experience with real-world application.

ClassroomIf you have been searching for an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program, the Goodfriend School of Business at Tennessee Wesleyan University can help you achieve your career aspirations on a foundation of teaching tomorrow’s business leaders for over 160 years. 


Our Executive MBA include hybrid course days designed for international graduate students studying in the U.S., or domestic students seeking a hybrid-format program.  Executive MBA programs also work well for international students with visas who have a CPT/OPT component to their degree. We strive to incorporate professional experience and real-world application of course curriculum into our programs to enhance the learning experience.  Practical Training is an integral part of program coursework and available to all students.  This hybrid MBA model is ideal for working professionals and business executives who want a part-time MBA program that works with their busy schedule but isn't completely online. At Tennessee Wesleyan University our degree programs focus on quality education at an affordable price.  


Students will also have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with faculty and their classmates. The residency class days include student presentations, group case studies, networking opportunities, and Q&A lectures by professors who bring extensive industry experience to the classroom. 


Executive Program students take three (3) courses per semester.  The program semester is based on the existing TWU semester calendar, with three (3) annual semesters: fall, spring, and summer.  Two of the courses each semester focus on the specific program content.  Additionally, students will be required to attend an intensive residency weekend as part of their course enrollment each term.  The third class includes an Applied Learning Practicum, in which students apply what they are learning in their other two courses to the real world via work or internship experiences. 



There are three kinds of classes for executive-format students within a 15 week semester:   
Full Term: 15 weeks long. Residency courses, and INTR courses are part of the FULL TERM.  
First Bi-Term (B1): 100% online (first 7.5 weeks of the semester) 
Second Bi-Term (B2): 100% online (second 7.5 weeks of the semester)

You will want to set up a payment plan at the beginning of each semester. Payment plans are processed by the campus Office of Student Accounts. If you have questions regarding payment plans, tuition balance, or payments please contact You can also access your balance and make payments by logging intoMyPortal. 

You must be full-time (12 credit hours for undergraduate students/6 credit hours for graduate students) each semester.  If you have questions regarding enrollment requirements, please contact the Office of Executive Programs at

Your I-20 houses a great deal of information.  If you change your local address, change your academic program or change your employer (if you are in CPT or OPT) you must notify the Office of Executive Programs at to have your I-20 updated. 

Attendance at each Executive Residency class session is mandatory. Students may make up no more than one (1) residency session throughout the duration of their academic program. Missing a second residency will result in the student being dismissed from the University.  A missed session will result in the student attending a make-up session and paying a $300 Residency Make-Up fee. In addition, the student may be asked for documentation from the program department providing an explanation as to why the scheduled residency session was missed. Make-Up sessions must be completed prior to the end of the term. Noncompliance with this policy will result in dismissal from the executive program. For more information contact the Office of Executive Programs at

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MBA students have more than four years of work experience


MBA graduates go on to work for established companies


MBA graduates are self-employed entrepreneurs