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2020-2021 TUITION & FEES

Tuition, fees and room and board costs are determined and approved by the Board of Trustees each November. Costs listed below are calculated prior to your scholarships and financial aid. Be sure to use the cost calculator to estimate what you will actually pay. 




  Full-time Part-time
Tuition $24,600 $610 per credit hour
Fees $1,250 $12.50 per credit hour
Total $25,850 $612.50 per credit hour
  Full-time Part-time
Tuition $24,600 $325 per credit hour
Fees $2,000 NA
Total $26,600 $325 per credit hour
Tuition $27,726
Fees $1,950 (fall & spring) $1,300 (summer)
Total $29,676

Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester are considered part-time. Hours over 18 will be charged at the undergraduate student part-time rate per semester hour.


  Price Meal Plan
Fowler & Keith Halls $8,210 unlimited
Nocatula Apartments (by application only) $9,450 10 meals
Nocatula Apartments (by application only) $10,050 unlimited
Wesley Commons $10,050 unlimited
Miller Hall Apartments $6,000-$9,000* N/A

*depending on style of unit

Commuter meal plans are $300.  This purchases 40 meals and gives the student $50 Burkett’s bucks.  

The plans must be purchased in Student Financial Services Office.

Fowler Hall and Keith Hall residents are required to be on the unlimited meal plan which is included in the given room and board price. Prices given for Fowler/Keith are for two-person rooms. Private rooms, if available, are an additional $1,200 per year.


Degree Completion 


$1,000 per course
Tuition $325 per credit hour  
Fees $175 per challenge exam



$610 per credit hour
$500 per credit hour
Tuition: $675 per credit hour

Total Credit hours = 76

Total Cost of Tuition: $51,300 (in-state and out-of-state)

Total Cost per Semester (6 semesters): $8,550

Fees: $325 per semester (fees subject to change)

Estimated Total Cost of Books: $3,250; avg/semester $542*

Estimated Total Cost of Housing/Room & Board: N/A

*Depends on sources of purchase and format, subject to change
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