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Pursuing a college degree is a life-changing commitment. The value of your personal and professional growth is limitless with a degree from TWU. It can lead you to your dream career, open unexpected doors of opportunity, take you places you never even heard of, introduce you to individuals who become friends, family and invaluable professional connections. 

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2022-2023 TUITION & FEES

Tuition, fees and room and board costs are determined and approved by the Board of Trustees each November. Costs listed below are calculated prior to your scholarships and financial aid.


We know that sticker shock is real, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Depending on your merit scholarships and need-based aid, the amount you will actually pay could be significantly less than the sticker price. Be sure to use the cost calculator to estimate what you will actually pay. 


Undergraduate Tuition 

  Full-time Part-time
Tuition $26,100 $630 per credit hour
Fees $1,250 $12.50 per credit hour
Total $27,350 $642.50 per credit hour
  Full-time Part-time
Tuition $26,100 $325 per credit hour
Fees $2,000 NA
Total $28,100 $325 per credit hour
  Dental Hygiene program is broken up into five semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring
Tuition $9,352 each semester
Fees $1,950 (fall & spring) $1,300 (summer)
Equipment Fee $4,500 (one-time)
Total (Next Year: 3 sem.) $37,756

Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester are considered part-time. Hours over 18 will be charged at the undergraduate student part-time rate per semester hour.


Residence Hall and Food Costs


Fowler Hall and Keith Hall residents are required to be on the unlimited meal plan which is included in the given room and board price. Prices given for Fowler/Keith are for two-person rooms. Private rooms, if available, are an additional $1,200 per year.

  Price Meal Plan
Fowler & Keith Halls $8,600 unlimited
Nocatula Apartments (by application only) $9,810 10 meals
Nocatula Apartments (by application only) $10,440 unlimited
Wesley Commons $10,440 unlimited
Miller Hall Apartments $500-$750/month for 11 months* N/A

*depending on style of unit

Commuter meal plans are $300.  This purchases 40 meals and gives the student $50 to use in Burkett's Restaurant.

The plans must be purchased in Student Financial Services Office, located on the first floor of Lawrence Hall.


Degree Completion Program Costs


  Management Excellence
Core Program Tuition $12,000 ($1,000 per three-hour course*)
Emphasis Tuition $6,000-$7,000
Total Cost $18,000-$19,000
  *any additional course(s) taken outside the ME program will also cost $1,000 per course

Full Program Tuition $10,725 (33 hours at $325 per credit hour)
  Challenged courses can be waived at a rate of $175 per credit hour
  Covenant Health employees receive a discount of $25 per credit hour ($825 off total cost)

Graduate Program Costs


Program Tuition (w/student teaching) $21,960 (36 semester hours at $610 per credit hour)
Program Tuition (job-embedded) $18,300 (30 semester hours at $610 per credit hour)
Online MBA Program  
Program Tuition $15,000 (30 semester hours at $500 per credit hour)
Online Fee $300 (30 semester hours at $10 per credit hour)
Program Total $15,300 
4+1 MBA Program  
Program Tuition $9,000 (18 semester hours* at $500 per credit hour)
Online Fee $180 (18 semester hours at $10 per credit hour)
Program Total $9,180
  *4+1 students complete two MBA classes each of the final two semesters of their bachelor's degree in business at TWU.
Tuition: $699 per credit hour

Total Credit hours = 76

Total Cost of Tuition: $53,100 (in-state and out-of-state)

Total Cost per Semester (6 semesters): $8,850

Fees: $325 per semester (fees subject to change)

Estimated Total Cost of Books: $3,250; avg/semester $542*

Estimated Total Cost of Housing/Room & Board: N/A

*Depends on sources of purchase and format, subject to change
Program Tuition $650 per credit hour
Tech Fee $10 per credit hour
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