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Tennessee Wesleyan Kicks Off Community Campaign

Tennessee Wesleyan Kicks Off Community Campaign

Tennessee Wesleyan University hosted a Kickoff breakfast for its Community Campaign on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. The Community Campaign serves to involve donors who have supported Tennessee Wesleyan in the past but may have not done so in recent history. It will also serve to reach out to those who are not alumni but figures of the community who have been heavily responsible for Tennessee Wesleyan’s growth.

The Community Campaign is made up of a committee of 19 members and is chaired by Becky Jaquish, a 1966 TWU Alumna and former trustee, and Rick Lay, current trustee from the class of 1978. These members will go out into the community and act as champions for Tennessee Wesleyan University by interacting with potential donors who may not have been engaged recently.

Tennessee Wesleyan’s President, Tyler Forrest, Ph.D., announced, “…we are going to shoot for the stars, we’re going to set a goal of $100,000 in sixty days,” but he added, “I think we can exceed that and, candidly, I think we can shorten the time frame. Though it is a bold goal, the committee members are excited to advocate for a cause they care about and are confident this goal can be achieved.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the response we have,” said Jaquish. “I think our local people forget about us, or don’t realize what an impact we have on the culture, and the economy of our community, and that’s the story we need to tell.” Lay followed stating, “…tell the TWU story, because it’s a great story.” Tennessee Wesleyan’s story is an integral part of the university, and every donor, past, present, and future, is a vital piece of the story. “It’s an easy sell, and I hope we knock that figure right out of the ballpark,” Lay said.

In addition to monetary gifts, which are highly appreciated, there are many ways that you can support Tennessee Wesleyan. You can attend a game, get involved with events on campus, or most importantly, be a champion for the university by encouraging a student you know to consider Tennessee Wesleyan for their secondary education.