Criminal Justice Online Program

Criminal Justice Online Program

Criminal Justice Leadership

Criminal Justice Leadership

Our Criminal Justice Leadership Online Degree Completion program provides non-traditional students the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice fully online, through affordable, flexible classes.

The program is designed to open doors for advancement for adult students by providing the opportunity to learn administration and leadership skills for many law enforcement professions. Concentrations in Administration of Justice and Behavioral Sciences promote current knowledge foundations while supporting upward professional mobility.

Criminal Justice Leadership Online Program Details

Entrance Requirements

To be considered for admission to our online criminal justice leadership degree completion program, a candidate must be at least 23 years of age. Candidates who are younger than 23 years of age but who desire to enroll must meet at least two of the following qualifications, which preclude him/her from being able to enroll in the traditional academic programs (adapted from the National Center for Education Statistics definition of a nontraditional student):
1. delayed enrollment to postsecondary study of at least one calendar year after high school graduation
2. attend college part-time
3. work full-time
4. financially independent for financial aid purposes
5. have dependents other than a spouse

Admissions Process

•Complete TWU application
•Submit required transcripts
•After acceptance, the Program Director will contact the student to set up one-on-one orientation and advising session

 PLCJ Costs
Core Program Tuition$10,080 ($1,000 per three-hour course*)
Emphasis Tuition$10,080 ($1,000 per three-hour course)
Total Cost$20,160
 *any additional course(s) taken outside the PLCJ program will also cost $1,000 per course
Course Requirements

CORE (30 hours)
CJS201 Speech for the Criminal Justice Professional
CJS202 Writing for the Criminal Justice Professional
CJS211 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJS321 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJS331 Criminology
CJS342 Multiculturalism & Diversity
CJS412 Administration & Management
CJS422 Issues in Criminal Justice Leadership
CJS431 Constitutional Law & Criminal Process
CJS471 Criminal Justice Senior Seminar

(students choose 15 hours, each course is three hours)
CJS333 Corrections in America
CJS335 The Juvenile Justice System
CJS350 Organizational Theory
CJS351 Crime Scene Investigation & Prioritization
CJS352 Theory & Practice of Law Enforcement
CJS366 Terrorism & Homeland Security
CJS375 Drugs & Crime

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC270 Social Research Methods
PSY/SOC261 Social Psychology
SOC301 Race & Ethnicity


Cliff Couch – Criminal Justice Leadership Program Director

Dr. Cliff Couch

Meet Criminal Justice Leadership Online Program Director Cliff Couch

Cliff is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and has served as the chief of police in several small towns in Kansas and East Tennessee. He’s a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command, the FBI National Academy and Harvard’s Executive Education for State and Local Government program. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree with a double-major in Criminology and Psychology from Florida State University.


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