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Gallery Speaks to Entrepreneurship Students

Gallery Speaks to Entrepreneurship Students

On February 8, 2023, the Tennessee Wesleyan University Goodfriend School of Business hosted a “Lunch and Learn” event for students where lunch is provided while students learn from speakers in their field. Anne Montgomery, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Chair of the Goodfriend School of Business, and Director of The LITE House, introduced the speaker Stanley Gallery as a “serial entrepreneur”. Gallery has had ventures in several businesses, starting with hawking concessions as a young man before moving on to businesses like food service with hotdog carts, a technology company, banking, hotels, the oil and gas industry, Vespa scooters, and the list goes on.

Gallery was able to not only share the secret of his success, but also share encouragement with the students. Talking about his own personal struggles, he said, “…I had a very severe learning disability with dyslexia and a very severe lisp…people would judge me, and it would cause me other problems. But I was really able to fundamentally overcome those.” Continuing, he explained that these struggles did not start when he became a serious businessman, but even at a young age when he was trying to deliver newspapers.

My best business is really people. Don’t forget to ask, don’t be selfish, give of yourself until it hurts.


Speaking on that experience, he said, “Of course I had a severe lisp…these were some of the really interesting points of learning how people perceive you and what a disability might be.” Gallery learned at a young age that perception plays a huge role in the business realm, but he was able to overcome what some would perceive as a disadvantage and come out successful in the end.

Gallery also emphasized the importance of networking, but not just networking in a selfish manner, but to also offer what help you can provide. In advice especially important for the young entrepreneurs in the room, he said, “You got to find the people that can help you…give up yourself to get there, be selfless,” he continued, “my best business is really people. Don’t forget to ask, don’t be selfish, give of yourself until it hurts”.