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Undergraduate Admissions

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Undergraduate Admissions

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You are in control of the trajectory of your future, and at Tennessee Wesleyan University, we give you the tools, knowledge and unrivaled mentorship to shape your world.

There is no one path to success here. You are empowered to take your own route and discover what drives and excites you.

From the moment you show interest in attending TWU, we see to it that your questions get answered and you feel supported throughout your college decision process.



                         COVID-19 Admissions Exceptions
The following exceptions apply only to the incoming class for fall 2022.

ACT or SAT Test Requirement

Due to the cancellation of ACT and SAT tests, the standardized test requirement will become optional for students.
Students will be required to have a 2.75 unweighted GPA for acceptance without a test score.
A new matrix will be created to financially award students without a test score. Students with a 2.75 GPA will receive $8,000 on the new scale.
Students who were previously referred to the Enrollment & Academic Standing Committee will be accepted if they meet the 2.75 GPA requirement.
Students without a test score and with a GPA between 2.25 and 2.75 may appeal to the enrollment and academic status committee following the guidelines outlined for appeals in the Academic Catalog.

English Proficiency Requirement

Students will be allowed to use the current online TOEFL test to meet the English proficiency requirement, so long as their country is offering the online TOEFL.
For this incoming class, Duolingo’s English Test may be used to prove English proficiency.


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