Pre-Occupational Therapy

Pre-Occupational Therapy

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Normal life. It may seem simple... but you know that for some people who struggle with a disability or have had an injury, learning the basic every day activities are vital. For those who want to commit their career to occupational therapy, the undergraduate degree in pre-occupational therapy is the foundation to this rewarding and vital field.
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Program Description

Pre-occupational therapy includes a set of course requirements that prepares students to succeed as an occupational therapist, including engaging in hands-on experiences and researching the literature pertaining to OT. Pre-OT will prepare students for the next level, graduate school, on their journey to becoming an Occupational Therapist.

Students learn how to use leisure, play, self-care, and work occupations in order to help clients adapt to individual life circumstances in order to regain, sustain and maintain health.

Career Opportunities

A career in Occupational Therapy requires, at minimum, a master’s degree. The Pre-OT degree prepares students for a Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree, like the one offered at TWU*.

*This degree does not guarantee admission to the MOT program at TWU, however does prepare students for the application process and provides the necessary preparation for graduate school.

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