Master of Business Administration

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Fully online MBA in Accounting, Management, or Marketing.

What’s the next step you’re looking to take in your career?

The next promotion…a better salary…starting your own business…


The Master of Business Administration through the Tennessee Wesleyan University Goodfriend School of Business provides the training and expertise you’re looking for, so you can take that next step.


Designed for the busy working professional, the 30-hour MBA at TWU is convenient, affordable, and 100% online. The courses are asynchronous, meaning that the student is not required to be online at the same time as the instructor.

Courses are taught by supportive faculty with real-world professional experience that will help prepare you for advancement in business, government, education, non-profit and more.

The MBA at TWU offers four concentrations: Accounting, Management, Marketing, General, and Information Technology (pending SACSOC approval). The Accounting concentration is integrated with the Becker CPA Review program.

Applicants must have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher and a conferred bachelor’s degree from a accredited college or university.

To apply for admission, submit the following documents:

- Completed MBA application for admission
- Official transcripts from the baccalaureate degree granting institution

The MBA program tuition is $500/credit hour. With 10 classes at three credit hours each, the full tuition cost for the program is $15,000.

Graduate students are eligible for up to $20,500 per year in direct Stafford unsubsidized student loans. To be eligible to secure a direct loan you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and complete any other paperwork required by the Department of Education.

To apply to the TWU MBA program, click Apply Now at the top right of this page.

Need help with the TWU MBA application? Check out our step-by-step How to Apply video.

Advertising and Promotion - BUS 541
Marketing and General concentration students learn the application of persuasive techniques in a variety of markets and media environments, including advertising, promotions, corporate communication, branding, and more. A primary project includes the planning and development of an integrated brand promotion, specifically improving failed entrepreneurial ventures.

Strategic Management - BUS560
This course takes students in any concentration through the process of integrating theories learned with real world application. A Capstone project is completed by each student in areas such as consulting, organizational change, venture planning, and more.

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