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You feel a call to ministry. That may be ministry in the traditional sense, pastoring a church, or could be something more unique like running a Christian school or camp
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Program Description

The Christian Ministry program at Tennessee Wesleyan prepares students with theological foundation, as well as training in the practical aspects of a wide range of callings. Small class sizes provide numerous opportunities for conversational teaching and close connections among faculty and staff.

Student take eight courses, including two internships, under religion and philosophy, that serve as foundational courses about the nature of Christian ministry, and religion and Bible. They then embark on one of four emphases: Youth Ministry, Church Camps and Recreation, Church School Education, and Church Business.

The Christian Ministry degree is interdisciplinary in nature, allowing students to broaden their background and give them a wealth of resources and depth of understanding to draw upon in a life of ministry among young people.

Career Opportunities

The Christian Ministry degree prepares students for a variety of ministry positions, such as:

– camp director

– ordained deacon

– church financial advisor

– director of Christian education

Not just theory, practice

Internships play a big role in the church vocations degree. Students often choose to work with a youth group in an area church, serve on a camp staff over a summer, or work in a Christian education setting. These hands-on experiences cultivate skills such as program planning, goal-setting, working in a group, budgetary planning, use of space and resources, teaching methods with various age groups, and assessment.


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