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Business Administration: Accouting

Accounting, the language of business, utilizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills to manage systems.


The accounting program at Tennessee Wesleyan provides the opportunity for students to understand and apply financial and tax concepts as they relate to a business enterprise. Businesses rely on accounting information to understand and successfully manage the operation of the entity.


The study of accounting will enable the student to understand financial reporting, tax issues, and accounting systems. The accounting emphasis assists the student in understanding the professional rules, regulations, and the application of these items in the business environment. The skills learned may be used in CPA firms or corporate accounting and management environments.

Accounting professionals are in high demand and needed at every organization. Students with a degree in accounting can be seen in careers like:
•Managerial or Financial Accountant
•Tax Accountant
•Certified Public Accountant
•Chief Financial Officer

Degrees within the Goodfriend School of Business, including the accounting emphasis, provide numerous opportunities to connect with seasoned business professionals, faculty members, and business partners who take a direct interest in the development of our students.

Students in the Accounting emphasis have taken coursework to be prepared to sit for the CPA exam, and are fully prepared to move on to the MBA program at TWU, which offers a concentration in Accounting. 

The MBA 4+1 is an early MBA admissions program. Qualifying seniors can enroll in MBA courses while completing their undergraduate degree. MBA courses can count toward full-time status and scholarship eligibility.


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Managerial Accounting

This course is concerned with cost accounting concepts and objectives; cost information systems and cost accumulation procedures; planning and control of factory overhead, materials and labor; planning of profits, costs and sales; and in cost and profit analysis.

Accounting Systems

A study of gathering, organizing, classifying, and presenting accounting data in support of operations, as well as to provide information for external reporting. The interrelationship of accounting systems with auditing, internal control, and management information systems is emphasized.

Tax Accounting

Taxation theory, tax law, and technical applications of the Federal Revenue Act are examined with a focus on the taxation of individual and business income. The structure of the individual income tax return is examined, to include proper use of forms and application of appropriate procedures. Returns are prepared using tax preparation software, supported by Internal Revenue Internet access and other online resources.