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University hosts annual TMTA math contest

Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 200 students, representing eight area high schools and middle schools, participated in the annual Tennessee Math Teachers Association math contest hosted by Tennessee Wesleyan University. Six math contests were scheduled for the Tuesday event: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-calculus and Calculus. Students from Athens City Middle, Cleveland Middle, McMinn County High, Sweetwater High, Meigs County, Walker Valley High, Cleveland High and Central High took the test that corresponds with their current math class. Each test consists of 40 questions and lasts 80 minutes.

The 2019 winners for each category are:

Algebra I
1stPlace Puchalski, Natalie – Athens City Middle School
2ndPlace Kurowski, Elena – Athens City Middle School
2ndPlace Patel, Love – Athens City Middle School

1stPlace Soni, Rishi – Cleveland High School
2ndPlace Patel, Om – McMinn County High School
3rdPlace Yadav, Anurag – Cleveland High School

Algebra II
1stPlace Solsbee, Connor – Walker Valley High School
1stPlace Thomas, Victoria – Cleveland High School
3rdPlace Clark, Wes – Walker Valley High School

1stPlace Bianucci, Zach – Cleveland High School
2ndPlace Squires, Kylie – Walker Valley High School
3rdPlace Medley, Gracie – Walker Valley High School

1stPlace Alcock, Kathleen – Cleveland High School
2ndPlace Henning, Amanda – Sweetwater High School
3rdPlace Judd, Sydney – Walker Valley High School
3rdPlace Partin, Emily – Central High School

1stPlace Jur, Arthur – Walker Valley High School
1stPlace Patel, Aarsh – Cleveland High School
3rdPlace Adams, Allison – Walker Valley High School

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