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Working on Campus

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Need a job? Work on campus!

We know that many of you will need to work to help pay for your Wesleyan experience. We've created many opportunities on campus so you can earn money for tuition or  living expenses while gaining valuable resume experience. 


Ways to work on campus

A Federal Work Study program administered by Tennessee Wesleyan University offers students the opportunity to be employed on campus. The number of hours a student works per week is based on financial need. Students earn minimum wage and are paid on a monthly basis. Various jobs are offered to students to complement their education with practical job experience. This program is restricted to U.S. citizens, or those in the U.S. for other than temporary purposes, who are maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

An institutional work program whereby students may work on campus in areas that complement their education. Jobs depend upon availability of work and funds as well as the student's skills and abilities. Designated for Resident Advisors who are not FWS eligible, mininal spots available.

Tennessee Wesleyan Work Scholarships are offered to  select students based on their financial need. This scholarship requires students to work a set amount of hours each semester in an  assigned office or department. Work Scholarship students are not paid for the amount of hours worked; rather, this scholarship reduces the amount the student owes toward tuition, fees, room and board and books. If the student does not complete the hours assigned each semester then the percentage of hours not worked are added to the student's account in the Business Office.