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Tuition and Costs can be overwhelming. We understand!

But tuition is just one part of the story…


The vast majority of TWU students do not pay the full tuition cost, but receive merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, grants, and other types of aid, which make TWU more affordable than you might think!


So just how affordable is TWU? While every situation is different, here are a few averages and typical numbers:


average aid average loan debt

Average Aid

On average, in 2019-2020, students received $22,664 in aid. That includes federal, state, and institutional awarded aid and excludes student loans. That’s money that doesn’t have to be paid back!


Average loan debt

TWU students owe, on average, $20,649 in student loans upon graduation. That’s about 40% less than the state of Tennessee average of $28,821.


average cost of attendance 100% of incoming undergraduates receive aid


Average cost of attendance

With all factors considered; tuition, room, board, aid, etc., the average student at TWU pays $13,183 per year at Tennessee Wesleyan University.


100% of incoming traditional undergraduates receive aid

Yes, you read that right. Every incoming traditional undergraduate student receives some sort of aid.



There’s a good chance a TWU education is within reach. To see what your TWU education will cost, check out our True Cost Calculator, which estimates a student’s cost, incorporating tuition and aid.