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Importance of Orientation

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The Importance of Attending Orientation

You've walked the stage, received your diploma, and thrown your cap. Now you're in the midst of one of the most exciting and life-changing chapters in your young life.


While simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming, the freshman year – and every year after – evolves with more success and confidence when met with extensive preparation. Attending college orientation can mean all the difference between feeling eager and ready and feeling unsure and apprehensive.


Understandably, this is also a big transition time for transfer students. Whether you’ve finished your time at a local community college or are just looking for a new college experience, orientation will provide answers to those last questions you may have and give you a sense of belonging at your new home for the next few years.


Are you ready to set your college years up for success?


Why Orientation Matters


Equally as important for both parents and students – including transfer students – college orientation serves as a powerful guide for what’s to come, what to expect and how to make the most of these next four years.


Even if you’re not dying to go or have been on the fence about registering, the value of attending orientation this summer cannot be overstated.


It was found that 87% of first-year students who attended their college orientation:


• Engaged in more academically enriching activities• Observed the campus environment as more supportive• Reported greater developmental gains during the first year of college• Expressed greater satisfaction with the overall college experience


Additionally, attending college orientation is linked to several positive outcomes for first-year and transfer students throughout their entire collegiate career, such as:


• Students who attend their college orientation are more likely to pass their classes and graduate than those who don’t.


• High graduation rates are linked to pre- and first-year college programs, such as summer orientation, that focus on helping incoming students adjust to college life and acculturate to the university.


• Programs that show students what to expect and what success can look and feel like help students bring meaning and find purpose in their educational experiences.


What to Expect at TWU’s Orientation


Your orientation experience includes academic planning to campus culture, student organizations to staff and faculty introductions, financial aid to parent resources, TWU’s New Student Orientation helps the entire family learn what it’s like to be a Bulldog.

During orientation, new students will meet many members of the University community, learn what it means to be a Bulldog, finalize their financial aid, and more. Freshman students will meet with a faculty advisor to set up their semester schedule. Transfer students will be contacted by their faculty advisor to select classes. 


Your journey begins here, and we can’t wait to officially welcome you to the TWU family.


*Lunch is provided for all Orientation guests.


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