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Prep like a pro for test day

By Amber Lingerfelt

All students know the struggle of studying.  I have observed (and been) some of the following types of studiers:

The Crammer, The “What test?” Thinker, The Organizer, and The Over-Achiever Who Actually Aces Every Test

We all have different approaches to studying.  Ultimately, you have to find what works for you!  I’d like to share a few tips that I find to be pretty helpful for everyone.

Give yourself time!

Everyone says to start a few days, a week, maybe even two weeks early! Sometimes that is great advice (especially for essays), but you know yourself and what works best for you.  Don’t choose the amount of time that you can slide by with, but give yourself the time that you need.  For some classes I give an hour, and for some I give three weeks.  Pacing and time management are key skills; don’t forget to time yourself responsibly!

Phone a friend!

Former students of your class are your best resource. Find someone who has struggled through your struggle and ask how they studied!  Students know the professor, course, or testing format well enough to tell you if making flashcards, reviewing notes, study sessions, or a full-on immersive study day is necessary.  Ask a few people to get various answers, and then try what you think would be most beneficial for you!

Plan your study time!

Buy a planner, my friends.  I’m terrible at keeping mine, but an organized planner is my every day ambition.  Sit down at the beginning of the week, look at your homework schedule, your due dates, and your social life.  Schedule study time.  This not only holds you accountable, but it ensures you don’t double-book or forget an activity!

Find a hideaway!

I personally need a time of isolation to accomplish anything.  So I pack my computer and head to the library or the coffee shop during crunch time.  My room is too comfy, my couch is too social, and sometimes I just need to physically go somewhere else in order to make myself study.  Find your study space and make it a habit.  It will almost trick your brain into productivity!

Discover what works for you, make a routine, and when you walk into that classroom, you’re going to ace that test.  Speaking of… I guess I should start preparing for my own!

Happy studying!