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Laura Bearden 

Major: English Education
Year: Senior
Hometown: Decatur, TN
Advice to New Students: My advice to incoming students is to get involved! When I started college, this same advice was preached to me over and over. However, I didn’t realize how important being involved on campus truly was until I experienced college life for myself. My first semester, I only went to class and home, and I quickly realized this was not for me. I began to build relationships by attending SAB activities and joining clubs and organizations. Getting involved is important because you become a part of the University. You will soon begin to realize that you made the right decision as you see all the fun, unique opportunities this University has to offer.
Favorite Place to Study: My favorite place to study on campus is the library. The three-story study hall has an old-school feel with a modern day vibe. Endless resources can be accessed in the library including a tutoring center, research materials, printers, and copier machines. There is also a café area downstairs stocked with coffee and tea. The library is set up to accommodate all personalities and learning styles with tables for group work and cubicles for quiet study.