Support app now available to TWU students

Tennessee Wesleyan University has entered into a partnership with TalkCampus, an app-based service which provides the opportunity for students to connect, discuss and receive support through mental health issues and anxiety.


“We were looking for another platform for students to seek assistance for mental and emotional support beyond our current partnership with The Family Center,” said TWU Vice President for Student Life Dr. Scott Mashburn.

“We’d been working with CampusTalk already and were planning to launch after Spring Break, so obviously with everything going on, this was really well timed to provide a service like this for our students.”

In the current environment, it is vitally important that students feel supported.

TalkCampus is a 24/7 service, which is entirely anonymous and peer-to-peer. Students download the app on their smartphone, login for free using their TWU email, and connect with peers who offer support. The purpose of a service like TalkCampus is to provide for student needs in an environment that is more comfortable for them.


A 2016 Penn State study showed that among 100,000 students surveyed, 61% reported anxiety as a major health concern(1). A 2015 National College Health Assessment tells us almost 42% of students stated anxiety as their top presenting concern(2). Increases in instances of anxiety on campuses lead universities like TWU to believe that these numbers are only increasing.


“In the current environment, it is vitally important that students feel supported,” added Dr. Mashburn. “In the absence of daily contact with campus resources, students can be in a vulnerable situation. Some are feeling isolated, uncertain, scared, or they may be dealing with family pressures, academic pressure due to the change in formats, even concerns about graduation and career possibilities.”


“This is a new and highly student-centric way for us to do what we do best at TWU, care for the whole student, academically and spiritually yes, but also emotionally and with their mental health.”


Students interested in using TalkCampus can simply download the app and login using their email address.



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