Love for Wesleyan: Sonny and Joyce Tarpley

By Sonny and Joyce Tarpley '64


The Tarpley'sIn 1960, young married couples were not readily admitted to colleges. We were accepted at our local college but quickly "unaccepted" once they found out we were married. My, how things have changed! Tennessee Wesleyan was quite different. We were accepted as we were without making any issue with our marriage. By the way, Sonny's grandfather attended Wesleyan many years ago and his father was a 1938 graduate.


Even the Phi Sig Fraternity pledged Sonny as a freshman and were very supportive of him.  He has kept up with several of his brothers who have become lifelong friends.


Our family did indeed grow with the birth of our first daughter, Vickie, in 1961. Our life changed quite a bit, to say the least! We would often have to hand her off to each other on the way to and from our classes. We also had babysitting services from his fraternity brothers. That was a real experience for one of the brothers.


Our professors were very helpful and understanding. Our math professor, Paul Ketron, tutored Sonny, and he and his wife Barbara have remained our dear good friends. Paul and Barbara are both Wesleyan grads.


We have been faithful alums and never miss the opportunity to recommend Wesleyan to friends and acquaintances.