Love for Wesleyan: Matt Harper

By Matt Harper '13


Matt HarperWesleyan has had an exceptional impact on our entire family. It has led to lifelong and even multi-generational friendships, a unique connection between the members of our family, and just a deep appreciation and love for the institution. It has allowed all of us who attended the opportunity to go back out in this community and give back what was given to us. Everything about Wesleyan is a part of our family and holds a special place in all our hearts.


We have 10 additional members of our family that have graduated TWU (we apologize if we missed anyone!):


Matt Harper ’13

Katie Morgan-Harper ’10 (wife)

Kay Harper ’92 (mother)

Ray Marshall ’92 (uncle)

Holly Harper ’93 (aunt)

Nancy Marshall ’94 (aunt)

Peyton Harper ’18 (brother)

Paul Harper ’13 (cousin)

Billy Harper ’06 (cousin)

Parker Morgan ’19 (brother-in-law)

Rebecca Wheatie Morgan ’88 (mother-in-law)

Johnny Morgan ’76 (father-in-law)


Wesleyan has given so much to our family, and we all try in our professional and personal lives to give back to the University as much as we can. The greater legacy is the legacy of TWU itself. We all hope that what we accomplish each day individually helps continue the amazing legacy of TWU.