TWU Library Presents the Lawrence Concert Series

The TWU Library is presenting a series of live concerts in the 2021-2022 school year, including a music major showcase, November 12.


Several music majors will perform classical repertoire and art songs, accompanied by Sylvia Gossett, the choir accompanist. The free concert takes place at 6pm in the library café.


The concerts are open to the public. The library café can be accessed by the side door of the Merner Pfeiffer Library, which faces Coach Farmer Dr.


Series Info

The concert series is in memory of Edythe Vyvian Smalley, a TWU student who died on campus during the 1919 influenza epidemic, and who was a voice and piano student. Her niece and nephew, Dr. Vyvian Smalley and Dr. Dale Lawrence, graciously funded this gift of a concert series for the current students of TWU.


Upcoming concerts

February 25: Dr. Ben Dockery’s jazz trio

April 1: Dreams of Kings


From the concert program

The Lawrence Concert Series

Edythe Vyvian Smalley was a piano and voice student at the then University of Chattanooga Athens School from Kingston, Tennessee, during the 1918-19 school year. She passed away at the age of 17 in her dorm, Bennett Hall, in January 1919 from the influenza epidemic that was sweeping the world. Her family was devastated. Her father had also attended this institution, then Grant University, around 1880.


Her niece and nephew, Dr. Vyvian Lawrence and Dr. Dale Lawrence, never knew their aunt, but were inspired by her story to go into health-sciences fields. Dr. Vyvian Lawrence, named for her aunt, is a distinguished Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, directing and performing emergency veterinary medicine services at several Chicago regional veterinary hospitals/clinics and a professional musician (percussion) with many Chicago area orchestras and bands.  Dr. Dale Lawrence has led an important career as a noted epidemiologist, working for the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, conducted research globally, and was on the forefront of the fight against the AIDS epidemic. He was the keynote speaker for the “Epidemics of Amnesia: Disease, Public Health, and Historical Memory” in April 2021 spearheaded by Dr. Tara Prairie, TWU Health and Human Performance, and Dr. Jack Seitz, TWU History Department.


Dr. Dale Lawrence’s gift in memory of his aunt, Edythe Vyvian Smalley, has made possible this concert series to honor her young life cut short by a dreaded epidemic, to commemorate her love of music, and to share music with the TWU students of today. Additional gifts making this series possible are from Mr. Carlton Ealy and Ms. Suellen Perry in memory of Mr. Philip Perry. 


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