Female Entrepreneurship Students Take The Inspire Tour

The Goodfriend School of Business has recently taken a number of trips outside East Tennessee, introducing TWU students to various businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the country.


One such trip was dubbed The Inspire Tour, led by TWU professor Anne Montgomery. The two-day trip included female entrepreneurship students, connecting them with female entrepreneurs in the city of Nashville.


The Inspire Tour included meetings with six entrepreneurs, as well as a stop at Belmont University to see their student-run ventures.


Karla Martinez, a senior majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, minoring in Communications and Entrepreneurship, shared her experience from The Inspire Tour.


What was the significance of The Inspire Tour for you?
KM: For me, the significance of the trip was to chase my dreams. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. Every woman that spoke to us had an idea, linked it with their passion and field of expertise, and pursued it without looking back. It was empowering and inspirational as well as reassuring that I am capable of anything.


Was there something you learned that stands out?
KM: I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes to create a successful business. It does not happen overnight and requires hard work and dedication. Additionally, every entrepreneur talked to us about how having a mentor/support group definitely helped them and so I learned about the importance of mentorship and how it becomes a cycle. You receive advice and learn everything you need to know to pass on the knowledge to upcoming generations.


What was your favorite part of the Tour?
KM: My favorite part of the trip was touring Belmont University and learning about their student-operated entrepreneurship businesses. It made me ponder the idea of implementing the same opportunities in Athens with our local businesses. It would benefit both the community and TWU students.


What impact does traveling outside the area have on your learning experience at TWU?
KM: Traveling outside the area expands my understanding of new ways to innovate in the field of business and shows me that we, as a primarily rural community, have infinite potential to grow and succeed. It also benefits my learning experience at TWU because I am able to takeaway insightful trips like this one and implement it towards the business, entrepreneurial, and communication material that I am learning in the classroom.