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Get excited for Orientation!

By Amber Lingerfelt

Summertime: the sun is brighter, the birds sing louder, and the grass is greener.  Summertime brings lazy days and golden rays for all, and a feeling of accomplishment for those college students who have just turned in their last assignments and are ready for a refreshing and relaxing break.

For incoming students, though, this summer means getting ready for the next adventure at Tennessee Wesleyan University.  Whether it’s buying textbooks, hunting for matching residence hall decorations with the new roommate, or driving by campus a few times just to get a feel for it, this time is spent well in preparation for the coming year.

One of the most important things you must do this summer is Orientation! Scheduling an Orientation date is the first step to officially become a TWU student.  Attendance is mandatory for incoming students, because it provides so many of the essentials needed for DAY ONE at TWU.  At this Orientation, students will take their ID picture, turn in immunization records, discuss financial aid options, and meet with their advisor or department representative to register for their class schedule.  Students will receive information about campus activities, residence life, and organization opportunities.

There are obviously reasons students must attend, but there are many reasons students should be excited to attend Orientation.  Don’t be surprised- college is a big transition! We have students, Orientation Leaders, who are dedicated to smoothing this transition so you have an enjoyable and welcoming experience.  From the first moment you step on this campus, friendly faces will be there to guide you on your way.  You never know what could happen on Orientation day.  This day gives you the chance to meet a great number of your new classmates and make connections with people from all over the state, country, or world.  It’s important that you take this day as an opportunity to explore who you are, make new friends, ask about organizations, pick up a residence life application (just in case!), and dedicate yourself.  You have four years available to you here; make the best of them, starting with your Orientation!

The Orientation Leaders are well-trained and enthusiastic to meet incoming students.  We have been planning for months and are so excited to meet you!  Our goal is to make your first day at Tennessee Wesleyan the best it can be, and to begin your experience with motivation, excitement, and a sense of belonging.  We’re so happy to welcome you to the place we call home!