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The Concept Of Time Management from a College Student’s Perspective

By Holly Vetter

In my four years here at Tennessee Wesleyan, time management, for me, has been one of the hardest concepts to grasp. I came in as a freshman student athlete and quickly realized that juggling practices, games, studying, classes, and hanging out with friends was going to be a lot harder than I initially realized. Because time management is something that all college students will struggle with at some point in their college career, here are some tips that I have come up with that might help you:

If you’re someone that tries to be organized all the time like I am, always having a plan for things is very important to you. What I have discovered over these four years is that even though this is great, having the ability to be flexible when it comes to plans is even more beneficial. It’s not fun at all when things don’t go as you planned, but instead of being set on specific things happening at specific times, try to be a bit more open with your plans. Don’t panic or stress when things don’t go the way they should. Think of this as preparing you for the “real world” and testing you on how you respond when things don’t go as expected.

Having efficient time management is also very important whenever you have an overload of schoolwork to do. Although it seems so easy to wait until the very last minute to get everything done, it’s actually quite stressful. Write down in a planner and know whenever your assignments are due, and know what day you will be taking a test. Also, try not to study for a test only the night before. Like I said before, it’s so easy just to hold off until later and keep pushing it back, but there will be a point where you will be scrambling around trying to find time to study. Use the days before the test to slowly build up knowledge on the material. In fact, you might find that it will be easier to comprehend and remember the information after you have looked at it over the course of a long period, instead of trying to cram it in the night before.

Hopefully these tips will help you when you are faced with the struggle of time management. Good luck!