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Be involved on campus!

By Amber Lingerfelt Four years. Four years is the average amount of time that a student will spend obtaining a degree in college. I would argue that these four years are some of the most transformative and beneficial for development of the individual. From 0-4 years of age, you learn to walk, talk, and laugh. … Continue reading "Be involved on campus!"

The road to graduation

By Kinsley Vincent, senior communication studies major I am a senior at Tennessee Wesleyan University, and I chose TWU because I was recruited to play golf. I can say that I have truly enjoyed getting my education here at TWU. With this being my last semester here, I cannot describe the excitement and joy I … Continue reading "The road to graduation"

The best time of your life

By Linda Ziegler, junior psychology major My name is Linda Ziegler, and I am a nontraditional student. I am a junior majoring in psychology at Tennessee Wesleyan University.  Since I began my academic journey at Tennessee Wesleyan, my life has changed in many ways (for the good, of course).  Being a nontraditional student, I worried … Continue reading "The best time of your life"

Residence Life at TWU

By Amber Lingerfelt, junior English major A cup of hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket, a comfy couch, with Full House playing in the background: these are the things that keep me calm and cozy.  It’s the fourth week of school, and the stress has hit HARD.  It’s in these moments that I’m so glad I … Continue reading "Residence Life at TWU"