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Stock Transfer

Many people find the best way to make a charitable gift is in the form of marketable securities that have increased in vaule. It may be possible to make your usual gift at a lower cost or even make a larger gift at no increased after-tax cost. 

Gifts of securities offer a double-tax benefit. When you give securities (stocks, bonds or shares in a mutual fund) that have increased in value and have been owned long enough to qualify as long-term property, you are entitled to a federal income tax deduction based on the current fair market value of the security, regardless of original cost. The second benefit comes from the fact that a gift is not a sale. As a result, you do not have to pay capital gains tax on any increase in value in the securities given. The capital gains tax would be due if you sold them yourself. Bypassing the tax altogether by making a charitable gift can be a major benefit. 

For example, if your securities were purchased for $300 and sold for $1,000, tax on the $700 increase in value could be bypassed. To arrive at the total tax savings for a gift of appreciated securities, you must count both the charitable deduction and the capital gains bypasses. Thus, the net cost of giving can be significantly lower when a gift is made in the form of appreciated property rather than cash. 

Appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be transferred to the college through your broker. Please click below for detailed instructions on how to make a gift of securities, or contact the Office of Advancement at (423) 746-5330 or advancement@tnwesleyan.edu.

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