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Dual Enrollment

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TWU Dual Enrollment

Want to get a jump on college? Or maybe just see what it's like?

Dual Enrollment is when high school students take college courses, online or on the TWU campus, while still in high school. Students choose to take classes through Dual Enrollment to earn college credits, as well as to learn what it is like to be in the college environment.


1. Complete the TWU application
2. Tell your guidance counselor you’ve applied for Dual Enrollment at TWU, so they can send high school transcript and test scores.
3. Once accepted, an advisor will contact you

Available courses are listed below. All courses have enrollment limits. 

ENG 102 Composition II     
     MWF 9-9:50     
     TH 1-2:15

MAT 131 College Algebra           
     MWF 8-8:50

MAT 132 Essential Statistics     
     MWF 8-8:50

MAT 142 Precalculus II    
MWF 11-11:50

MAT 182 Calculus II     
     MTHF 1-1:50

Natural Sciences
BIO 142 Anatomy and Physiology II     
TH 8:00-9:15

BIO 143 Anatomy and Physiology Lab II     
     T 12:30-2:20     
     T 2:30-4:20

BIO 182 General Biology II      
     MWF 9-9:50

BIO 183 General Biology Lab II     
     H 12:30-2:20     
     H 2:30-4:20

BIO 120 Human Biology     
     TH 2:30-3:45

Fine Arts
MUS 209 World Music   
     MWF 9-9:50     

Social Sciences
CJS 211 Introduction to Criminal Justice     
     MWF 8-8:50

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology     
     MWF 1-1:50

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology     
     TH 1-2:15    

SWK 231 Introduction to Social Work   
     TH 1-2:15

Available courses are listed below. All courses have enrollment limits. All courses are asynchronous, meaning the student does not need to be logged in at the same time as the instructor.

ENG 102 Composition II

MAT 131 College Algebra   
Spring 2 (second half)

MAT 132 Essential Statistics

Fine Arts
ART 111 Art Appreciation

MUS 207 Music Appreciation

Social Sciences
POL 101 Introduction to Political Science

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 221 Performance Enhancement Experience

PSY 261 Social Psychology

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 201 Sociology Through Film

Communications & Speech
COM 100 Understanding Human Communications

SPE 101 Introduction to Speech

HIS 152  US History II

HLT 161 Environmental and Public Health

HLT 263 Nutrition

HLT 264 Safety Education and First Aid

Occupational Therapy
OSC 201 Human Occupations

The Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG) through the state of Tennessee covers the cost of a student’s first five dual enrollment courses at Tennessee Wesleyan University. For courses 6-10, the DEG provides $100 per credit hour, making each three-hour course cost $213.

Courses 1-5
No Cost
Cost fully covered by Dual Enrollment Grant (student must apply for DEG)
Courses 6-10
$513 $213 Cost partially covered by Dual Enrollment Grant (student must apply for DEG)

See more on the Dual Enrollment Grant.

Dual Enrollment students are issued a TWU ID, which provides access to all the campus resources available to traditional on-campus students, such as:
•Merner Pfeiffer Library
•Thunder Fitness Complex
•Colloms Campus Center (student life hub)
•Mosher Success Center (student success coaches)
•campus events
•athletic events
...and more. 

When you arrive on campus, you won't be left on your own! TWU provides a faculty advisor for all Dual Enrollment students. Dr. Sharon Brown, one of our math faculty, talks students through courses at TWU that will help in their future ventures, whether they stay at TWU or move onto another University.

Spring Registration Begins October 31!




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