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Dual Enrollment

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TWU Dual Enrollment

Want to get a jump on college? Or maybe just see what it's like?

Dual Enrollment is when high school students take college courses, on the TWU campus, while still in high school. Students choose to take classes through Dual Enrollment to earn college credit, as well as to learn what it is like to be in the college environment.


So whether you’re just exploring, or you’re looking to get a head start on your degree, Dual Enrollment at TWU provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in campus, experience a University course, and get a jump on your college career.


Dual Enrollment students take classes on the TWU campus in Athens. At times, there are online offerings available to students, depending on the semester and general course offerings.

Dual Enrollment courses are heavily discounted from normal tuition. At $166/credit hour, a 3 credit hour course is just $498.

Students are eligible to use the state Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG) at TWU, which make a student’s first two DE courses free and provides a discount on the third course.
Breakdown of award using DEG Grant:
•Up to $543 – Course #1
•Up to $543 – Course #2
•Up to $543 – Course #3
•Up to $543 – Course #4
•Up to $100 per credit hour for course #5 – course #10
     • Any award amount received for courses 5-10 will be deducted from the student's HOPE Scholarship beginning with the first semester of college enrollment, and even the following semester of enrollment until the borrowing requirement is satisfied. 

Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant here.

Students are able to take a variety of courses, from Math or Business, to English, Communication, Philosophy, Biology, and many more. Most students choose English composition, and entry level Math courses, but anything without a prerequisite is allowed, so feel free to explore the catalog of courses here.  

When you arrive on campus, you won't be left on your own! TWU provides a faculty advisor for all Dual Enrollment students. Dr. Sharon Brown, one of our math faculty members, talks students through courses at TWU that will help in their future ventures, whether they stay at TWU or move onto another University.

Dual Enrollment students are issued a TWU ID, which provides access to all the campus resources available to traditional on-campus students, such as:
•Merner Pfeiffer Library
•Thunder Fitness Complex
•Colloms Campus Center (student life hub)
•Mosher Success Center (student success coaches)
•campus events
•athletic events
...and more. 


Ready to start? Let's go!


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Tell your guidance counselor you’ve applied for Dual Enrollment at TWU, so they can send high school transcript and test scores.




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