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Tuition & Fees


2019-2020Full-timeNursing Full-timeDental HygienePart-timeNursing Part-time
Fees$1,250/year$2,000/year$1,950 (fall & spring)$12.50/credit-hourNA
2020-2021Full-timeNursing Full-timeDental Hygiene Part-timeNursing Part-time
Tuition$24,600$24,600$27,726$610/credit- hour$325/credit-hour
Fees$1,250$2,000$1,950 (fall & spring)$12.50/credit-hourNA

Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester are considered part-time. Hours over 18 will be charged at the undergraduate student part-time rate per semester hour.

Room & Board

2020-2021PriceMeal Plan
Fowler & Keith Halls$8,210unlimited
Nocatula Apartments (by application only)$9,45010 meals
Nocatula Apartments (by application only)$10,050unlimited
Wesley Commons$10,050unlimited

Fowler Hall and Keith Hall residents are required to be on the unlimited meal plan which is included in the given room and board price. Prices given for Fowler/Keith are for two-person rooms. Private rooms, if available, are an additional $1,200 per year.

Graduate, Adult & Online

2019-2020 & 2020-2021MBAManagement Excellence Online RN-BSNMaster of Occupational TherapyMaster of Arts in TeachingOCICU*
Tuition$500/credit hour$1,000/core class
plus $1,000/ emphasis course
$325/credit hour$675/credit hour$610/credit hour$333/credit hour
Fees$175/per challenge exam$325/ semester

*OCICU - Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities

If you are in need of a course that is not offered during the semester, you may take a course offered by the OCICU.  Advisor approval is required for all OCICU courses.