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Tuition & Fees


2018-2019 Full-time Nursing Full-time Part-time Nursing Part-time
Tuition $23,300/yr $23,300/yr $590/credit hour $325/credit hour
Fees $1,000/yr $2,000/yr $10/credit hour $0/credit hour
ATI Nursing Assessment Fee N/A $1,125/yr* N/A N/A

Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester are considered part-time. Hours over 18 will be charged at the undergraduate student part-time rate per semester hour.

*Subject to change fall 2018

Room & Board

2018-2019 Price Meal Plan 
Fowler & Keith Hall $7,880 unlimited
Nocatula Apartments (by application only) $9,120 10-meal plan
Nocatula Apartments (by application only) $9,700 unlimited
Wesley Commons $9,700 unlimited

Fowler Hall and Keith Hall residents are required to be on the unlimited meal plan which is included in the given room and board price. Prices given for Fowler/Keith are for two-person rooms. Private rooms, if available, are an additional $1,200 per year.

Graduate, Adult & Online

2018-2019 MBA Management Excellence  Online RN-BSN Master of Occupational Therapy OCICU*
Tuition $500/credit hour $1,000/core class
plus $1,000/ emphasis course
$325/credit hour $675/credit hour 333/credit hour
Fees $175/per challenge exam $325/ semester

*OCICU - Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities

If you are in need of a course that is not offered during the semester, you may take a course offered by the OCICU.  Advisor approval is required for all OCICU courses.

Tennessee Wesleyan University is proud to offer textbook bundling for the Management Excellence core program. By  bundling the books for the program through the TWU bookstore, students will be able to save on the cost of purchasing the required textbooks. Each semester, the cost of that term’s textbooks will be added to each student’s account in the Business Office, similarly to how tuition is charged. The cost per term for the textbook bundle should be no more than $250. If at any time the student should decide to opt out of this textbook bundling program, they can contact the Business Office to complete the opt out form and have that charge removed from their account. If the student chooses to opt out, they would be responsible for purchasing textbooks on their own, which may be at a significantly higher price. Tennessee Wesleyan University and Follett have worked hard to keep these prices down for the benefit of our students and have estimated the total savings for the program will be roughly $1,000 over three semesters. For further questions, please visit the TWU bookstore or the Business Office.