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Pre-Law Society

As a student in the Pre-Law Career Track, you will have the opportunity of membership in the Pre-Law Society. The society engages students in activities that enhance knowledge and accessibility in law-based education and professions. The faculty mentor has years of professional experience in the practice of law and providing leadership for students with interest in the field. The society will sponsor pre-law forums with attorneys as guest speakers, internships in law and judicial offices, campus visits by law school representatives, and student visits to law schools to assist undergraduates in planning.

In the Pre-law Society, you will explore

  • What it is like to be a lawyer.
  • Personal and professional goals which provide clarity and focus about whether one really desires to be a lawyer.
  • Legal education today and its costs.
  • Law school applications.
  • The LSAT exam including taking practice exams.
  • Local law schools.
  • And engage in mock trial exercises.
  • Firsthand experiences in interships.
  • Opportunities in the Court Appointed Special Advocate program (CASA).
  • Real law practice by shadowing a lawyer for a day.
  • Law topics in films and books.
  • Your interests through invited guest speakers.

IMG_4952For more information about the Pre-Law Society, please contact Dr. Bill Watts at (423) 746-5295 or