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Pre-Law Career Track

Did you know that there is no specific designated program of study that is required for admission to law school? The American Bar Association and the American Association of Law Schools stress that no specific major will improve a student’s opportunity for admission to law school. Instead, law schools welcome a diversity of majors, including those found in the humanities, business, social sciences, physical and natural sciences. In other words, most academic interests are of value in the study of law.

Tennessee Wesleyan University's curriculum spans more than 30 programs of study, including our interdisciplinary programs, which allow students to combine classes from more than one subject area to create a more specialized major. The majors at TWU serve as worthy foundations for law school study and offer curriculum that trains students in the skills that law school demand, including critical and analytical reasoning, problem-solving, written and oral communication, and task organization and management.

Typical classes that will help you develop into a well rounded applicant and prepare you to succeed in law school include:

Social Sciences - much of law deals with human behavior.

* Criminology/Criminal Justice
* Psychology
* Sociology
* Religious Studies

History, Government, and Politics - these topics are interwoven with the field of law.

* United States and World History
* Economics
* Political Science

 Writing, Thinking, and Public Speaking - A career as a lawyer is all about critical thinking, writing, and speaking. Take classes that offer opportunities for extensive critiqued writing. Seek opportunities to debate and speak publicly.

* English
* Literature
* Philosophy
* Public Speaking
* Writing