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Music Education, grades K-12

The Bachelor of Music Education will allow you to seek Tennessee state licensure in music education for grades K-12. Through classroom and student teaching experiences, you will learn effective teaching techniques as well as enhanced music knowledge and skills. All music students will give a junior and senior recital and are required to gain proficiency in both voice and piano before junior year.

You will take courses including:

  • Applied music
  • Performance and Instrumentation Percussion Instruments
  • History of Music
  • Beginning Conducting
  • Methods and Materials for Teaching Music in Elementary School.

You may also earn a Bachelor of Music Education with an emphasis in Church Music. To earn a BME in church music, you will complete the standard music education courses in addition to the church music emphasis classes.

These classes include:

  • Music in the Church
  • New Testament Theology
  • History of the Christian Church
  • Introduction to Philosophy

What can you do with this degree?

  • Elementary music teacher
  • Secondary music teacher
  • Church music director