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Dental Hygiene Clinic

306 N White St
Athens, TN 37303
(NW corner of College St and White St)

Call for appointment: (423) 252-1475

Clinic Days/Hours:

Fall semester: Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 8:00-5:00

Spring semester: Monday through Friday- 8:00-5:00

Summer session: Tuesday and Thursday- 8:00-5:00

  • Students provide services to all ages from children to adults.
  • Patients are scheduled at either 8:00 or 1:00 for appointments. Because this is an educational facility, apointments may be up to 3 hours in length and patients may require more than one appointment to complete treatment.
  • Please provide at least 24 hours notice for a cancellation. Students are penalized for loss of production due to broken appointments, so please be courteous and give proper notice in order for the student to secure another patient.
  • A dentist is on site to provide examinations and referrals, if necessary.