Special Education

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You see that there are students who need additional support, who need an advocate...


in order to reach their academic goals. You want to be a teacher, but maybe you want something more, or something different. 


Program Description

A degree in special education at Tennessee Wesleyan will prepare you to be a licensed special education teacher, enabling you to work with students with mild to moderate disabilities, as well as gifted and talented students.


Classroom work is coupled with hands-on training, as students work with special education teachers and students with disabilities, and attend IEP meetings. Students learn how to create goals and write IEPs to address students’ disabilities.


In addition to course work in special education, students take psychology courses to learn how children grow and develop. Students learn how to assess students and identify a disability that may make the student eligible for special education services.


Career Opportunities

Special education teachers are in high demand at all levels. A special education degree prepares you to become licensed, which will allow graduates to obtain jobs as special education teachers, with opportunities for leadership and management positions.


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Collaboration and Planning

This course is designed for educators who plan and implement academically sensitive educational programs for children and adolescents with disabilities. Opportunities for the comprehensive study of characteristics of such programs, assessment techniques, and strategies essential to meeting the needs of students with learning problems will be provided. The special and unique problems of students with learning problems will be provided. The special and unique problems will be aligned with models, materials, teaching strategies, and transition requirements for students with disabilities. A particular emphasis will be placed on planning strategies across all content areas.

Adaptive Environment

This course is to provide program candidates with the knowledge necessary to utilize applications of technology that support Universal Design for the curriculum for students with disabilities. The goal is for the future teacher to understand all adaptive materials and technologies to support the classroom student.

Nature and Characteristics of Mild to Moderate Disabilities

This course will focus on a historical overview and a look into the current theoretical issues regarding the treatment of learning disabilities and severe behavior disorders. Some of the topics explored include historical perspectives of special education, legal issues, and ethical considerations of labeling individuals, definitions, interventions and current educational models. An overview of the research methods used in treating learning and behavior problems in schools is also offered. Identification of students with mild to moderate disabilities and the descriptions and characteristics of disabilities will be covered.


State-Recognized Partnerships

Tennessee Wesleyan University’s Educator Preparation Program (EPP) holds partnership agreements with the following districts.
Anderson County Schools
Athens City Schools
Bradley County Schools
Cleveland City Schools
Etowah City Schools
Johnson County Schools
Lenoir City Schools
Loudon County Schools
McMinn County Schools
Meigs County Schools
Metro Nashville Schools
Monroe County Schools
Oak Ridge Schools
Polk County Schools
Sequatchie County Schools
Sweetwater City School District
Warren County Schools
Williamson County Schools
Questions about State Recognized Partnership Agreements may be directed to:

Melanie Amburn, Ed.S.