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Ongoing Opportunities


COLLEGE CONSORTIUM FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (CCIS) makes innovative and exciting programs accessible by offering over 90 programs worldwide. See

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMS (ISEP) provides various types of programs at over 100 study sites worldwide. See

CENTER FOR CROSS-CULTURAL STUDIES (CC-CS) offers Spanish-language learning experiences in Spain, Argentina, Cuba, and Puerto Rico as well as courses in English. See

COOPERATIVE CENTER FOR STUDY ABROAD (CCSA) offers courses to students in primarily English-speaking countries around the world. Contact Dr. Mullaney ( about short-term options for winter and summer in New Zealand, England, Ireland, Ghana, and others.

TWU’S EXCHANGE PROGRAM WITH NAGASAKI WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY offers a semester’s or a year’s study at our sister institution. Pay TWU’s tuition, but study in Japan. Contact Dr. Ruleman at or



TRAVEL STUDY PROGRAM IN COSTA RICA: SPRING BREAK, FEBRUARY 28-MARCH 8. Students will travel to Costa Rica for a week’s immersion in the Spanish language as well as in the natural beauty and culture of the country.  Students enrolled in S202 will earn three hours’ credit for S399, Study Abroad in Spanish. Contact

TRAVEL TO SOUTH AMERICA, MAY 18-30. Tour Brazil, Chile, and Argentina to learn about each country’s culture, work environments, and management styles. Gain credit with BA 391: Cross-Cultural Management and Travel. For more information, contact or

SUMMER STUDY IN FRANCE THROUGH THE CHEZ VOUS PROGRAM, MAY JUNE. Depending on the study track, students gain 6-18 hours of French credit. Students must have completed French 102 or higher in order to participate. Contact

TRAVEL IN VIETNAM, EARLY SUMMER. Students will travel with Dr. Hai Nguyen, exploring the culture and scenery of Vietnam as well as engaging in discussions with Vietnamese teachers and students about both countries’ culture and education. Contact

NAGASAKI WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY’S JAPANESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE PROGRAM, July 6 – July 17, 2020 Students can receive 3 hours’ credit for Study Abroad in Japanese (JPN 299). Contact or see