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Religion and Philosophy

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The intersection of two foundational human activities: faith and reason.

The Religion and Philosophy degree at Tennessee Wesleyan provides students a chance to grapple with what matters most in human existence: “what is real?” - “how can we know?” - “what should I be and do?” - “what does it mean to be human?” -  “what is worth believing?” - “and what difference does it make?”


Program Description

Religion and Philosophy includes seven religion courses, four philosophy courses, and a capstone research paper which affords students the opportunity to formulate a persuasive argument about a figure, idea, movement, or issue, and present their research to department faculty in a colloquy setting.


Classes are purposefully small, giving students and faculty the opportunity to grapple with tough questions together, fostering critical thought among students.


Career Opportunities

Graduates move on to graduate school, law school, seminary, local church ministry, non-profit, business, or any number of other callings.


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Modern Christian Thought

A comparison of several major systems of Christian theology and the exploration of some contemporary trends. The course is designed to show the broad divisions in theology and to introduce significant current issues. 

Contemporary Philosophical Issues

An examination of selected problems or movements of current interest, such as Existentialism, Phenomenology, Political Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion.

Jesus in the Gospels

A study of Jesus as depicted in the gospels, with an evaluation of his significance for our day.