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Public Health

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We are exceptionally connected, and so is our health.

The events of the recent past show us the desperate need for an in-depth understanding of public health.


Program Description

The Public Health emphasis at Tennessee Wesleyan helps students develop knowledge, skills, and experience in the area of public health through classroom learning, research projects, and hands-on community collaborations.


Graduates of the Public Health emphasis will be prepared to hold a variety of positions in community-based organizations where community outreach for health and wellness promotion is a key component of the mission. Upon graduation, students will be able to help communities learn how to plan, implement, and evaluate programs to lead to healthier populations. 


Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared for a career working for local health departments, non-profit organizations focused on health, graduate school, and more.

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The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to research and research findings from significant studies, professional reports, books, etc. related to current bioethical issues in health. Dilemmas created by civil liberties and rights of the population will be studied in depth. The dimensions and societal complexities involved in bioethical and health issues such as poverty, diverse cultures, social economic status, and aging will be examined from local, national and international perspectives.

Health and Aging

This course is designed to introduce and familiarize students with the basics concerning the aging process and its impact on health in the later years. The course provides fundamentals about health in aging.

Health Promotion

The course is designed to help prepare health educators in the field of health promotion. Students will explore models of health promotion across the life span, challenges and barriers to improving the health of a various populations, and will explore the value of community health promotion to the individual and the community. Students will learn how to use public health data sets to assess and populations, exploring theories and factors that influence personal health decisions of individuals and populations with a community, and will learn how to design a health promotion activity and how to evaluate outcomes for effectiveness.