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What makes us human? How do our minds impact our experience and our world…


Whether you're ready to pursue a helping profession, or simply want to study the human mind, its functions and behaviors, psychology connects to any endeavor of human experience. Studying Psychology at TWU is a balanced focus on the study and application of psychology, giving students the foundation for a broad range of pursuits, including careers in counseling, experimental psychology, education, business, health sciences, and more.


The Psychology degree at Tennessee Wesleyan is designed to develop critical writing, thinking, research, and knowledge-foundation skills. Training for helping professions also include clinical skills and clinical practice.

Students with a Psychology degree from TWU are able to utilize their majors by following a wide array of career paths. Graduates find themselves in the traditional helping professions, counselor, therapist, social worker, and more, as well as unique paths, such as law school, entrepreneurism and more.

Psychology majors have multiple opportunities to apply their training and knowledge on campus as they prepare for a life of work and service.

W.E.S. Team
The Wellness and Emotional Support Team serves to provide opportunities for those students interested in the helping professions to explore the role of active listener.  The team members provide psychoeducational programs, support groups, wellness workshops, and one-on-one active listening to the students of TWU.

In addition to helping fellow TWU students, Team members support each other in their personal growth and in their development as peer counselors. They explore the role of active listeners to help solidify future career goals. Students view training with the team as a source of support and look forward to class time.

Interdisciplinary Options
Students in Psychology frequently explore interdisciplinary opportunities, from health sciences, business, criminal justice, and more. Students participate in undergraduate research, as well as on campus activities, such as Suicide Awareness Convocation, the Criminal Justice Club, Peer Counseling, and more.


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Social Research Methods

An orientation to the principles and practices of social science methodology, examining the nature of the scientific method and basic techniques in social research design as applied to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Careers in Psychology

This course is designed to expose the new psychology major to the course of study at TWU, explore careers, and begin planning the university experience.

Writing in the Behavioral Sciences

This course exposes psychology students to critical writing across many topics of psychological study. This course extends critical writing skills beyond that of the general education courses and promotes the foundational skills required for successful completion of the psychology curriculum.