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You know you want to go to seminary, so where do you start?

What’s the right path to best prepare you for effective ministry and study?


Program Description

A pre-seminary degree from Tennessee Wesleyan combines a strong foundation in the liberal arts with instruction in religion and philosophy, fully preparing students for advanced studies in Seminary.


Pre-seminary majors get to sample a wide range of coursework across the humanities and social sciences, which provides a skill set rich in historical perspective, critical thinking, and reading comprehension and written accuracy.


In addition to Seminary, students often find themselves prepared for many other careers or graduate school experiences, such as teaching, non-profit leadership, and law.


Career Opportunities

The Pre-seminary degree is designed to prepare students for advanced studies, in seminary or law school, but also prepares for a variety of ministry positions, such as ordained minister.


Seminary preparation trip

Pre-seminary students enjoy the annual “Seminary Road Trip,” usually offered over fall break. Students travel with a departmental faculty member to such seminaries or divinity schools as Duke, Drew, Wesley, Emory, Vanderbilt, Asbury, and Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology.


These campus visits allow students to sample seminary life, talk with admissions representatives, sit in on classes, discuss financial aid and internship programs, and, perhaps on the drive home, begin to narrow down the choices before them.

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Jesus in the Gospels

A study of Jesus as depicted in the gospels, with an evaluation of his significance for our day.

Asian Religions

This course surveys the beliefs, practices, and representative literature of selected Asian religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto. It involves careful reading of the primary and secondary texts, and critical oral and written reflection on conceptual and practical matters related to the religions of the East.

Theories of Personality

A study of the development, organization, and assessment of the normal personality; consideration of the personality theories coming out of the psychoanalytic, behavioristic, and humanistic traditions.