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Business Administration: Marketing 


You want something fast paced. Something that allows you to use your strength in communication to help organizations succeed... 


To help businesses sell more, help non-profits bring in more donations, to help people present a clear and strong message. Sounds like it’s time for a degree in marketing!


Offered inside the Goodfriend School of Business, the bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing exposes students to the broad field of business marketing, with special opportunity for hands-on experience through the capstone course.

A degree in Marketing will make you marketable! (See what we did there?) But really…the marketing field is constantly growing, and organizations of every kind need competent Marketing Directors, Consultants, Sales People, Communicators, and more.

During coursework, students have an opportunity for hands-on experience, including data mining and marketing pieces, building website, writing marketing plans, and more, all of which expose them to various types of marketing jobs.

Students frequently combine their Marketing degree with a minor in Entrepreneurship or Communication Studies, diving deeper into topics like public relations, journalism, digital media and more.

The MBA 4+1 is an early MBA admissions program. Qualifying seniors can enroll in MBA courses while completing their undergraduate degree. MBA courses can count toward full-time status and scholarship eligibility.


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Retail and E-Marketing

This course will extend beyond the basic principles of the marketing mix to extensive marketing plan development founded on marketing research that includes marketing opportunity analysis, demand forecasting, and application/problem solving for both domestic and international markets. Emphasis is on market planning for changing market conditions and competitive advantage.

Integrated Marketing Communications

This course focuses on marketing communication through the use of the promotion mix: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing. Utilizing fundamental marketing principles, students will prepare an integrated marketing communications plan for reaching target markets. Other topics include: targeting, positioning, budgeting, effective promotion messages, media planning, sponsorships, and sales promotion management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Focuses on components of the supply chain and decision making needs within the channel and their influence on the logistic management process. Emphasis is on developing a logistics strategy.